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Intrnational School Cooperation

International School Cooperation

School Year  2015/2016
> We are continuing our work with  Spanish school under etwinning> programe running the project "School Chefs”.

School Year  2014/2015
> We are continuing our work with Swiss and Spanish schools under etwinning> programe running the project "Making Friends Around Europe".

School Year  2013/2014
We are working with Swiss and Spanish schools under etwinning project "Making friends around Europe".

School Year 2012/2013

We are continuing our etwinning project "Making friends around the world" with our partner school in Tenerife.
The aim of this project is to meet  friends from other countries. We are creating films and presentations showing different aspects of our lives (school, friends, our cities and country).
We are continuing our school exchange cooperation with the schools from Hungary and Sweden.

 School Year 2011/2012

On 14-16 May 2012 we hosted the group of students and teachers from Ekensbergsskola in Solna, Stockholm. Our students’ families hosted the guests perfectly. They went sightseeing round Warsaw and attended International Family Picnic at our school.
On 13-18 May we hosted the orchestra from Mortonwaszar close to Budapest(Hungary). They visted Warsaw, Zelazowa Wola and had concerts at our school during International Family Picnic. 

School Year 2010/2011
In the end of September  2010 we finished our cooperation under Comenius Project “Save the Planet” sending the final report to the National Agency.
Since January 2011 under e-twinning we are cooperating with students and teachers  of Tenerife school running the blog.  This allows to know new friends, customs and everyday life of this Spanish school. We are looking forward to future cooperation.
In May the group of students and teachers went to Hungary. They were  hosted by our partner artistic school. 
And in June other students and teachers went to Sweden, Solna under exchange visit among our schools. They were  hosted by families too.

School Year 2009/2010
     On  20-23 September  2009 a group of  students and teachers  from our school met the students and teachers from Swedish and Latvian school in Solna upon the Comenius project.

The meeting referred “Water” as a part of nature and ways to save it.
Our students prepared and showed the multimedia presentation about ‘Water’.
It was consisted of different works as art, literary,  physical and chemical experiments.
They talked about progress and development in Comenius Project realization at our schools. – photos
The nearest meeting will be held in Poland, in the last week of February 2010.

On 21-24 February the partnership Comenius meeting was held in Poland.
It focused on ‘Healthy Lifestyle”. The school leaders presented their works,  achievements goals for the future. - photos

On   18-22 March   we hosted the group of students and teachers from school inMortonwaszar (Hungary). They took part in our school concert on 20th March at WAT.

On 25-28 April we attended the meeting of partnership schools upon Comenius ‘Save the Planet” . The meeting took place in Valmiera (Latvia). At the meeting we summed up the part of the project focused on ‘Healthy Lifestyle’ - photos
May  - 2 June 2010 we met again under Comenius. It was the last meeting to sum  up our aims  and goals. It was held in Solna. We will continue our cooperation and take care of the Earth. – photos, presentation

On 6-9 June 2010 we hosted the group  of 20 students and three teachers fromEkensbergsskola in  Solna,  Stockholm. Our students’ families hosted the guests perfectly. The workshops were focused on art and music.

           School Year 2008/2009
In the end of  August we got information that our  Comenius  Project – ‘Save The Planet’was accepted by the Polish National Agency.
The Project (the Project application ) got 94 points from 100 points.
We  started working  with this project in  October 2008, with our coordinator – Swedish school and partner – Latvian school.

     At the beginning of October (6-10th October) we hosted the group of students fromMortonwaszar  school in Hungary. We took part in art workshops in Kazimierz Dolny.
On 12-17th October  for the third  time the teachers from our school took part in ‘The International Teachers Exchange Week’ in Gothenburg. The conference and workshops focused on different styles of learning and teaching.

On 27-30th October the representation of our teachers and students, members of the School Ecology Council went to  Ekensbergsskolan in  Solna to take part in the partners’ meeting focused on Life Long Learning Comenius Project ‘Save the Planet’. – photos 

On  16 – 19th February  2009 at  Valmieras Pamatskola school in  Valmiera, Latvia we took part in the second partners’ meeting under Comenius Project. The meetings were organized to:  sum and revise activities on ‘Rubbish Sorting, Recycling, Reusing’   and  present planned activities referring the part of the Project  named ‘Forest” – photos, presentation
On  18-21st May we hosted at our school  students and teachers from Swedish and Latvian school, cooperating under Comenius Project.
This visit was aimed at  summing the part called ‘Forest’ (held at each school for several months). According to this topic we were in Bemowski Forest on the educational trip“Following Elk” and in Kampinos National Park. – photos, presentation
We watched the presentations prepared by each school focused on forest activities at their schools.
The last day  we spent in Diving Museum and at the Vistula River to introduce the next part of the Project ‘Water’. 
During these days we worked hard but it was fun as well.

On 25 – 28th May  2009  twenty fourth graders went to Sweden as the  exchange visit between our school and Ekensbergsskolan  school in  Solna (Stockholm district).
For most it was the first flight. The students stayed at Swedish families. We visited The Old Town, The Vasa Museum, The Techincs Museum. We took part in different art and handicraft workshops. We sewed, worked with wood, painted on glass, made paper using  recycled materials. All came back happy, excited and motivated to learn English.

The school  year 2007/2008
In October for the second time the teachers from our school took part in ‘The International Teachers’ Exchange Week in Gothenburg (1-5th October  2007).
In the middle of October we got the news that our International Project “Learning Can be Fun’ under Socrates Comenius Programme was essentially approved but the  lack of money caused it wasn’t  sent for  realization in 2007.

In November we organized the  Swedish week celebrating 100th anniversary of our patron Astrid Lindgren’s  birthday. We had a lot of  attractions, surprises,   and   work then. It was a great success and fun.

On 22-25th November the teachers from Sweden and Latvia visited us and during two days we prepared the draft of  the Application Form for the new International Partnership Project focused on ecology and environment “Save The Planet”.

In May the School Mandolin Orchestra  Juno Wars  was invited by the Polish Catholic Mission to give  concerts in  Gothenburg  and  Angered. The young musicians gave 5 concerts in these cities.
On 10th May the teachers from Swedish School -    Jättestensskolan came to our school to share experience in education fields. This school hosted our teachers in October during the International Teachers’ Exchange Week in Gothenburg  (October 2007).

On 8th June the group of Swedish students from Ekensbergsskola in  Solna,  Stockholm district, came to Warsaw. We have been cooperating  with this school for 6 years.
The Swedish students were  hosted by our students and their families. Staying at Polish families gave the opportunities to make friends and learn Polish tradition. Swedish and Polish students took part in Sports Day, Music Event and  the school picnic. It was great!

The school year 2006/2007  was very reach in   international  journeys  of our students.
In May 2007 they were twice in Sweden (Stockholm and Lund) and in Hungary. In Stockholm they took part in Stockholm Youth Olympic  and got three medals, this visit was organized on 5 years cooperation with Solna school.
In June 2007 our students were invited to  Lund the Lund Artistic School. They gave three concerts there and  children visited Lund and Malmo.
That year our school mandolin orchestra attended  the European Music Festival in Budapest too.

The School year 2005/2006 was also full of international  cooperation in ‘e-twinning’ Socrates programme and cooperation with Solna school in Sweden. Our students  have been writing emails in English to their emailpals, creating multimedia presentations about themselves, our School and Poland. In this way they meet their Swedish friends and let them know about Poland and our school.
In 2006 we got an invitation to Gothenburg for the International Teachers’ Exchange Week.

In 2002 the Hungarian Brass Orchestra from Mortonwaszar came to us and (in 2004 and 2006) the School Choir from Solna. The Youth Symphony Orchestra from Lund (Sweden) visited us too.
A year earlier our School took part in a programme of Swedish Embassy and Culture Office in Warsaw “Czytam, wiem, tworzę” (“I read, know and create”).

In 1989 our School Mandolin Orchestra „Juno Wars” went for European Music Festival “Eurotref” to contemporary Federal Republic of Germany. That was how our international cooperation started. To 2005 it was dealt with only artistic activity. At that time the School Orchestra gave concerts: twice in Hungary (2002 and 2004) and in Sweden (for the invitation from the School in Solna). Many times we have put up our foreign friends in Poland.